Treasure mapEver wonder who contributed how much to your local MP’s campaign in the last election? You can find it at the Elections Canada website, but it takes some footwork to get to the right spot. Here’s a handy treasure map:

  1. Start at
  2. At the top, there’s a menu item called “Main Website.” Yes, I know, that’s a strange place to put your main website, but that’s why you have a treasure map.
  3. When you put your mouse on it, a list will drop down. Pick ‘Political Financing’
  4. There you will find the Contributions and Expenses Database.
  5. The reports go back to 1993. Let’s pick the time period 2007 to 2014.
  6.  Pick 41st General Election.
  7. Choose ‘Search by candidate’s details.’
  8. We’re getting there! Now you can type in the family name of your MP.
  9. Now click ‘Find candidates.’
  10. Assuming you spelled it correctly, your MPs full name and riding should appear in the box below, where it says ‘Select candidates.’
  11. Before you can do anything more, you have to click on the name to highlight it.
  12. Once it’s highlighted, click on ‘Search selected.’
  13. Your MP’s financial records will appear. There are plenty. If you check the button ‘Data as reviewed by Elections Canada,’ you will be looking at the final versions.
  14. The one you want is Part 2A: Statement of Contributions Received.
  15. You’ve arrived! Don’t be surprised if you see your Aunt Gladys’s name.

There’s a lot more in the reports and on the Elections Canada wesbite. Now that your oar is in the water, paddle on!